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Three-Piece Combo
by Scott F. Guinn


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Three-Piece Combo by Scott F. Guinn

#4 in Scott F. Guinn's "Sit-Down Coin Magic" Series, Three-Piece Combo is a coin routine that really packs a punch. This professionally routined, multi-phase coin routine flows from one sequence to the next in a magical ride building up to a knockout climax!


From a coin purse clasp (no bag attached) three silver coins are visually extracted. One of these changes into a Chinese coin with a hole in the center.

The two silver coins travel, one at a time, to magically join the Chinese coin in your closed fist. Next, all three coins are seen and heard to be placed in your closed fist, but when the fist is opened over the purse frame, they vanish into thin air! The coins are then reproduced from the purse frame, one at a time.

The Chinese coin is placed on your open right hand. The left hand covers it briefly, and it changes back to a silver coin. Finally, all three coins again vanish together in the purse frame.


  1. No gaffed coins are used.
  2. There is some sleight-of-hand, but nothing difficult.
  3. You end clean, with just two empty hands and the purse frame.
  4. You reset virtually instantly.
Three-Piece Combo demonstrates once again why Scott's routine construction is so highly regarded. Written in the now-famous crystal clear and conversational Guinn style--and accompanied by over 50 instructive photographs, you will have no trouble learning this amazing and entertaining piece of magic. Scott doesn't skimp on quality; he includes a sleight index, an extra bare bones explanation to aid in working through the routine, and all the extra little tips and touches that turn a trick into magic.

If you liked the first three installments of the "Sit-Down Coin Magic" series, you're going to love Three-Piece Combo! If you haven't yet been introduced to Scott's elegant coin work, this is a great place to start. At just $10, you get much more than your money's worth.

"Three-Piece Combo is a really nice coin routine. It's coin magic the way I first saw it at Tannen's Magic Shop in NYC when I was a boy - the good stuff! I like stuff like this and you've got a real legend of a magician showing you the way, at a most affordable price - just $10 bucks! It's a modular routine that can be done as one effect or in parts, using 3 coins and a coin purse clasp. There are several phases, which include vanishes, productions, a Chinese change, a coins across, and more, with a real storyline to it. Great Scott packs it all in there and tells you where it comes from, too. So, if you want a nice piece of magic to work on, to learn from, a showcase piece that reminds you of the great coin workers, then this is it. Full of great photos of everything right up close. A master work from a master teacher and one heckuva good guy. Highly Recommended!" - Marion Boykin

"Three things strike me about 'Three-Piece Combo': 1. Author Scott F. Guinn is a serious student of innovators like Gary Ouellet and Slydini. 2. He clearly cares about creating a visual experience of Magic, and bucks the recent trend away from seated performing. The effect is emphasized by a conscious choice to present from a natural position. 3. Scott has gone to lengths to explain and illustrate this routine, so that it equals and exceeds personal instruction. Some of the clearest descriptions and photo illustrations I have seen. You will learn from studying this - strong utility moves, routine design, and most importantly, how to really entertain close-up with a minimum of props and an unseen arsenal of weapons. I plan to use this approach wherever I can." - Vic Brisbin

"'Three-Piece Combo' is VERY good. I like it a lot. I think your routine is worthy of some serious study. As I mentioned, I like it, a LOT." - John Luka

1st edition 2016, 55 pages.
word count: 8608 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text