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Through the Universe - Backwards
by (Benny) Ben Harris


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Through the Universe - Backwards by (Benny) Ben Harris
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One of the most eye-popping color-changing decks you will ever see.

"The presentation is rich in content, and the effect is as clear and clean as can be. This is one of the best cc deck routines I have seen." - Peter Duffie

"Brilliant. Beautiful. Straight into my set." - Kyle MacNeill


The performer reaches into his pocket and removes an envelope. From within he removes a single BLUE-BACKED card. (The deck in use has RED BACKS.) The blue-backed card is placed to one side. It's identity is unknown at this point.

The performer explains...

"This single card, odd in its appearance, has a purely individual view of its own world. I know this sounds strange, but cards have their perspectives too. They have their own points of reference. Now before I allow you to think I've lost my proverbial marbles, let me introduce you to the finite universe of playing card possibilities."

Here, the deck is ribbon spread face-up to reveal the limited, 52 card universe of playing card possibilities.

"I think we would all agree that the possible realities for any single card are extremely limited. Our odd-backed card - our stranger from a foreign universe - has no identity because we have yet to OBSERVE whether it is the Ace of Spades, or the Four of Diamonds, or whatever. However, he only has 52 POSSIBLE ways to go."

Turning to a nearby spectator, the performer asks...

"Here, would you play god for just a moment?

This dubious request is made to a nearby spectator as the spread deck is gathered. The spectator is asked to secretly select a universal possibility (select a card.) This is done with the performer's head turned to one side, so as not to see the selection. The card is left in the center of the deck. The deck is immediately squared and placed face down on the table.

After asking whether or not the secretly selected card was a spot card or a picture card (it was a spot card) the performer lifts two picture cards from the face of the deck. These are used to isolate (sandwich) the odd-backed card.

"As your card is a spot card, I'll just use these two picture cards as an aid in cradling our stranger card. Notice the odd-backed card never leaves your sight!

"Now watch! We're going to cause the blue-backed card to travel backwards through the universe. It will actually transpose with your 'thought of card,' thus realizing it's true identity. It will change your perspective of everything."

The three card sandwich (with the blue backed card in view) is held in a loose fan in the right hand. With a gentle shake, THE FACE DOWN-BLUE BACKED CARD IS SEEN TO VISUALLY CHANGE INTO A RED-BACKED CARD!

The fan is dropped to the table. The red-backer peers eagerly up from between the two face-up picture cards.

"There, the journey is now complete. Our mystery card has traversed the universe of playing card possibilities! Please, do not tell us what card you did select. Simply take the deck and deal the cards face-up to the table, one-at-a-time. Look out for your card, and when you reach it, please remove it allowing us all to share your hidden knowledge."

The spectator deals through the entire deck. HE DOES NOT FIND HIS CHOSEN CARD!

Attention is now turned to the isolated red-backed card between the two picture cards. IT IS SLOWLY TURNED OVER AND FOUND TO BE THE SPECTATOR'S CHOSEN CARD!

The performer now sets the final sting:

"You see, the transposition created by the instantaneous journey backwards through the universe has allowed the single odd card to take on its own identity - to create its own reality. Of course, there is no such thing as a 'free lunch,' even in a mirror-reversed universe. Something had to give!"

Turning the single red-backed selection face-down, the performer then ribbon spreads the ENTIRE DECK to reveal - shock, horror - ALL BLUE BACKS!

"You see, by 'playing god' and creating reality for this odd-backed card, you've also reversed our perspective of things. And doesn't the universe look different from this end? You've single-handedly created not only a new odd-backed card, but a new universe of possibilities as well."

The two picture cards are also turned face-down. They are now blue-backed too.

The spectators are left with nothing other than a full deck of 52 cards. 51 of these are blue-backed, 1 is red-backed. Together they complete the deck. And wonderfully, this is all you need to perform the effect.

1st edition 1989; 18 pages.
word count: 2320 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text