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Tom Mullica

Tom Mullica

(Waupun, Wisconsin, USA: 19th August 1948 - 18th February 2016)

Inspired by and learned magic at age 7 (1955) from his mother's Xmas gift of a Sneaky Pete Magic Kit. Practiced alone on a Wisconsin farm for 10 years before meeting other magicians.

Invented Mullica Wallet (1968). Began his pro career in comedy magic as a demonstrator for Abbott's 1974-75. Moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he became a magic bartender (1976) and then (1976) owner of the Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre in Atlanta until it closed in Dec 1987. 1984 Desert Magic Seminar 1st prize. 1988 FISM 3rd prize for comedy magic. Played the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris 1989-91.

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Tom Mullica
Band on the Run & Flying Match by Tom Mullica

For the first effect you will need a cigar. Take off the cellophane cover and have a spectator twist it into a little string. Then have them pull off the cigar band and put it on the cellophane string. Both ends are held by the spectator. Under the cover of a handkerchief you free the band without destroying it.

The second effect is a neat stunt. While you attempt to light your cigarette with a match the lit match takes off and flies away - like a rocket.

runtime: 8min 39s

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