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Tom Osbourne

(3rd December 1901 - 17th April 1963)

Born in St. Louis, Missouri. Pro close-up, including many original effects. Worked clubs and private shows. Jack Gwynne Trophy 1937. Invented Razz-A-Ma-Tazz 4-card discovery (by 1947).

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Tom Osbourne
Three Shell Game by Tom Osbourne

The Three Shell Game can still be seen today performed on the streets to fleece the innocent from their hard earned cash. It also makes a great performance piece in an intimate close-up setting.

This is the most detailed description of this con game I have seen so far. It describes numerous moves and routines as well as the history and details on the shells and peas. Tom Osborne knew the real moves, psychology and ruses of the street artists who challenged everybody to "follow the little pea." This is the real work of scam artists. To appreciate it, you have to pay close attention to the...

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