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Tony Anverdi

Tony Anverdi

(Hoorn, Holland: 20th August 1925 - 31st January 1995)

Stage name of Antonius Albertus "Tony" de Vries. Interested in magic since age 10. Baker and amateur magic clown until 1950 when he turned pro. Originally specialized in liquid magic, later electronic magic. Lecturer. A major inventor, he sold his apparatus mail order from his home in Leiden. Wrote Anverdi's Miracles with Liquids (1965, 44pp) and 50 Years of Magical Creations (1992, 190pp). 1975 AMA Creative Fellowship.

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Tony Anverdi
Anverdi's Lecture Notes by Tony Anverdi

Tricks with silks, ropes, rings, and balls.

If you like to work with invisible thread you will find interesting material here.

  • Effect with Two Silks
  • Two Ring Effects
  • Silk, Paper Bag, and Ring
  • With Two Rings
  • Another Effect with Two Rings
  • Ball and Glass
  • Ball Production with a Silk
  • Sleeving Principle
  • Ball Color Change

1st edition ~1960; PDF 14 pages.

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