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Tony Binarelli

Tony Binarelli

Tony Binarelli has been interested in illusionism and magic since 1952. In 1958 he became a member of the "Club Magico Italiano" in Bologna. From 1960 to 1972 he was primarily interested in close up magic and card magic, as a beginner first, then as a semi professional magician. In 1972 he had his first TV appearance, becoming a professional magician and enlarging his magical program.

At the end of 70’ he becomes a celebrity thanks to his participation in the first edition of the famous TV show "Domenica in" presented by Corrado. He continued to appear on TV as well as advisor and consultant back stage, such as in the famous "Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinita" and "Tre passi nel delirio", in which he transformed the protagonists Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot in clever gamblers.

He published several books including Class Act and My Way To Mentalism. He is the creator and editor of the Italian magazine Qui Magia.

From July 1997 he has been President of the Italian IBM. He won the FISM in 1967 and 1970. He is the recipient of the 1992 Tannen Special Award and the 1993 Tenkai Prize as well as many other awards and honors.

Coauthors: Flavio Desideri

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Tony Binarelli
Extra Sensory Perception by Tony Binarelli

From the introduction:

"Billet test" is one of the classics in mentalism: the mentalist divines a word, a number or a drawing made by a spectator, without coming in contact with the paper.

Numberless are the methods designed to solve this problem: "center tears", window envelopes, "umbrella moves" or billet switches. All these methods, in my opinion, have a great weakness: the mentalist must repeatedly touch the billet. With that in mind, I looked for a method to avoid all this "manipulation" and that would appear as real telepathy.

What I am going to reveal to you, I think is a good...

★★★★★ $15
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Tony Binarelli & Flavio Desideri
Imago: The Empress Card Trick by Tony Binarelli & Flavio Desideri

Imago is the ultimate version of the classic "Princess Card Trick"!

The thought of card really disappears!

In Imago you will find the explanation to perform the basic "Princess card trick" and other four routines by Tony Binarelli.

Hypnotic Illusion: the performer states that, through hypnotic suggestions, it is possible to alter the memory and that he would like to prove it. He asks for two people to help him: the first one withstands the suggestions while the other one will be the witness of reality.

Super Brainwave: six cards are removed from the pack, the performer shows them...

★★★★ $15
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Tony Binarelli
K by Tony Binarelli

K is a powerful secret weapon in your deck! You will never loose a selected card again and with it you can perform easy, straightforward and baffling forces.

The spectator himself can do everything.

An idea from one of the most original Italian magic minds: Tony Binarelli.

In this ebook you will find the accurate explanation of how to prepare this very special "K" card and the required techniques to make the most of them.

Another creation from Tony Binarelli appreciated and praised by the best magicians of the world.

1st English edition 2006, 11 pages, 11 drawings.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)