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by Raphaël Czaja

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Transprint by Raphaël Czaja

Raphael's routine is a great effect and it should immediately score a big hit! - Aldo Colombini

A spectator chooses a card from a deck, for example the Jack of Hearts. The magician now shows a packet with four blank-faced cards and normal backs. The spectator freely chooses and signs two stickers of different shapes and colors and puts one on the face and one on the back of his card. From now, he keeps this card on the table under his hand. One by one, three of the blank cards change into a Jack of Hearts. For the climax, the magician makes a transposition between the faces of the last blank card and the spectator’s signed card! The spectator can keep his card as a souvenir.
  • Each printing looks different and prevents repetition.
  • Thanks to the transposition at the end, you finish on a surprising climax.
  • Throughout the routine, you can spread the cards face up many times which helps that everything "looks" as fair as possible.
  • Also included a variation, so a message may appear "magically" on the back of the spectator's card at the end!

1st edition 2008; 4 pages.
word count: 1631 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text