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Twin Identity
by Devin Knight

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Twin Identity by Devin Knight

Important: This is not detailed information for making this yourself. These are the directions that came with this trick when it was on the market for $39.95 in the early 2000s. This PDF is designed for collectors who may have the prop, but no directions, magic historians, and those simply curious as to how this trick was done. The trick still shows up on eBay, magic flea markets and auctions. If you need the directions, then here they are.

Note: Any magician with minimal craft skills should be able to make this up after reading the instruction sheets. The performer puts a small envelope on the table and introduces a set of ten colored crayon markers. These are in the package just as they were when originally purchased. The package is clear and they can see ten different markers. You ask the spectator to remove a crayon marker, let's say green for instance. A deck of cards is introduced, and with their own hands remove two cards.

They write the name of either card on a blank card with the chosen marker. There is no magician's choice here, they can write down the name of either card. Let's say they write down the Four of Hearts with a green crayon marker...

Pick up the envelope and dump out a business card from inside. On that business card in green writing is the name of the card that person wrote! The envelope is empty otherwise. Not only have you correctly predicted the card chosen in their hands of the remaining two, you've also predicted the color they chose. You've made a twin prediction and both came true! A very clever technique is used to force a color.

You can do several different effects with Twin Identity.

6 pages
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