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by Devin Knight


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Unarmed by Devin Knight

Important: These are not plans for making this yourself. These are the directions that came with this illusion when it was on the market for $1950.00. This PDF is designed for collectors who may have the prop, but no directions, magic historians, and those simply curious as to how this trick was done. The trick still shows up on eBay, magic flea markets and auctions. If you need the directions, then here they are.

This was one of the best illusions ever released by Illusion Concepts. It was an improved version of cutting an arm in thirds, based on the original Okito Sawing A Woman Into Thirds. This new version, invented by Devin Knight, did away with the solid wooden box at the bottom of the illusion and replaced it with an open table to hold the blades, which made the illusion more baffling.

Another improvement was that the illusion could be done on stage or outdoors without the aid of special backdrop.

The performer's arm was placed inside a tube with his REAL hand extending from the other side; four blades divided the tube into three sections. The middle section was lifted dividing the performer's arm into three sections, the empty middle space was really empty and a wand could be waved around in the space to show nothing was there. The process was reversed restoring the performer's arm. An illusion that was baffling beyond words.

1st edition 2015, 7 pages.
word count: 2269 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text