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Urban Legend
by Michael Paul

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Urban Legend by Michael Paul

I've used Urban Legend to close my show for my theatre act, my Monday Night Magic parlor act in New York, and even the close up room at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. To say it's the ultimate showstopper for me is an huge understatement. Now it can be your show stopper too!

Introducing Urban Legend ... straight from the working repetoire of Michael Paul.

You know the classic razor blade trick: The magician swallows a number of ultra-sharp razor blades, and regurgitates them tied together on a length of string. Now, check out Urban Legend ... do the classic razor blade routine without the danger. Do it close up. Do it on the street. Do it behind the bar, or surrounded, or on the largest stage! This is the real work on one of the most awesome, show stopping routines in existance.

You'll see how Michael Paul has completely worked over the classic routine to bring it to the 21st century. You'll see how Michael has created stunning visuals, a heart stopping story line, and a hook your audience will never forget. Get the full script and learn the hows and whys to do this "no switch" version that's been talked about from coast to coast. You'll also recieve a special soundtrack that was custom produced for the Urban Legend routine... that fits the script and ads a nightmarish element to the effect.

This package comes complete. It's a full act with every detail well thought out, and ready to make it's way into your working set.

You'll get:

  • A customized, royalty-free soundtrack produced exclusively for Urban Legend
  • A complete breakdown of the entire routine in painstaking detail
  • Extra tips and advice on performing Urban Legend in ANY situation
  • A seperate pdf, with the complete script

1st edition 2010; 30 pages.