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Val Evans

Val Evans

(USA: 1896 - 3rd February 1981)

Inspired around age 9. Pro cardman. Stage name Harry Valcarte. Invented "Val Evans Rising Cards" and "Optegramma" = Chinese Compass (1945). Wrote Patter, Gags and Bits of Business for Magicians (26pp); Stacks and Stacks of Cards (1941, 35pp). Tricks in Jinx. Lived in Peabody, Massachusetts.

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Val Evans
Stacks and Stacks of Cards by Val Evans

Excerpt from the introduction:

About ten years ago the writer spent some time in 'doping' out a few poker deals as well as other games. He was fairly successful as the following stacks will attest. They are not all perfect and possibly may be bettered and improved, but he will say this much, he has not as yet run across any prearrangements that equal them. Incidentally one of the best poker deals on the market retailing for over two dollars is based on an arrangement that the writer created around 1920.

  • Progressive Poker Hands
  • Poker Memory
  • The Ten Game Challenge
  • The Seven Game Stack ...
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