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by Peter Duffie

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VapoRise by Peter Duffie

"Power-Trip Sparkling, Turbulence Brilliant and VapoRise Amazing. Three excellent card tricks. Well done - keep up the good work." - Thomas Connelly (UK)

You offer to present a magic show using seven cards. You show an Ace, Two, Three and Four plus three Jokers. The A 2 3 & 4 are the performers. The Ace, you say, is the lightest card because it has the least ink on it, whereas the Four is the heaviest. The lightest card — the Ace — is placed into the Joker packet and it instantly rises to the top. You now add the Two to the Ace and place both cards into the Joker packet — both cards rise to the top. Adding the Three you repeat the effect and this time all three cards rise to the top. You now attempt the most difficult feat — you add the heavy Four to the other three cards and place all four cards into the Joker packet. However, the weight is too much and all four cards sink to the bottom. And that is it — the show is over. But the magic is not because it’s time for the cast to leave. After showing the three Jokers one last time, they instantly turn blank. You then say, “And … the Ace, Two, Three & Four have also gone.” But, it is obvious that they have not because they are still lying face up on the table. Finally, you flip over the A 2 3 & 4 revealing blank backs with letters printed on them that spell: G O N E!

  • No Gaffs!
  • Cards Examinable.
  • Some basic card Skills required.

1st edition 2010; 8 pages plus 23 minute video supplement

Note that although this video is in sections, not one single movement or action was edited or removed. WYSIWYG!

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