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Vick Lawston

(USA: fl.1930s-70s). Inspired seeing a school-show magician. Dealer (The Lawston Fun and Magic Co.) in Queens Village, NY, by 1940 when he published a decent catalog (116pp). Thence moved his shop to various locations in Connecticut (by 1965) and Florida (by 1965 to at least 1970).

His eldest son Jeff manages his estate. Contact him through


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Vick Lawston
House of a Thousand Mysteries by Vick Lawston
"It is a great, great read, especially your recounting of how Mr. Lawstone substituted workshop sheets for the actual apparatus." - Christopher Kenworthey
Many of you remember Vick Lawston's House of a Thousand Mysteries catalog. Most baby boomers that became magicians got their start from his catalog. They remember his slogan, "When you think of tricks, remember Vick's."

Inside his catalog he included three free tricks that you could try on your friends. These were decent tricks and were some of the first tricks I ever did. They have been re-written and included in this release. His...

★★★★ $3
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