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Vincent "Vinny" Boyar

Vincent "Vinny" Boyar

(Beacon Falls, Connecticut: 21st September 1913 - 27th January 1989)

Electronics engineer. Semi-pro sleight-of-hand and club shows in Connecticut in 1940s. Edited the 1949 M-U-M Bulletin trial issue, Aladdin's Lamp 1954-57 (38 issues), and National News Letter 1966-67. SAM President 1967-68. SAM Hall of Fame. Tricks in Phoenix and Hugard's Magic Monthly.

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Vincent "Vinny" Boyar
Ghostly Seconds by Vincent "Vinny" Boyar

A version of a strike-second deal that the author calls the "shutter" method, referring to the shutter of a camera.

This version could be easier for some to perform than a classic strike-second because the coordination of the thumbs is built into the method itself. While the author claims that his method is practically self-working, there is some amount of practice necessary to acquire the knack. Still, his discovery has earned the praise of top-flight card experts, who have called it perfect in action and imperceptible to the keenest observer.

The second deal is an indispensable sleight...

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