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Walter S. Masterman

Walter S. Masterman

(Wimbledon, London: 19th December 1876 – Brighton: 16th May 1946)

Walter Sydney Masterman was an English author of mystery, fantasy, horror, and science fiction, and in his younger years a football player. He served in the Second Boer War and WWI. He was forced into becoming an author because of three years in jail after embezzlement of government funds he was unemployable and decided to become a writer.

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Walter S. Masterman
The Wrong Letter by Walter S. Masterman

The crime: The Home Secretary Sir James Watson was found shot in the head inside his study which was locked from the inside. There was no apparent way in or out for the murderer to have been able to get into the room to commit the crime, nor a way to escape unnoticed. Further, the housekeeper Mrs. Simmons did not hear any shot which she certainly would have. What is going on here? How was the crime committed and by who?

It will be the task of Superintendent Sinclair from Scotland Yard and his amateur sleuth friend Sylvester Collins, a barrister, to unravel the mystery.

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