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Warren W. Wiersbe

Warren W. Wiersbe

(Chicago, May 16th 1929 - )

Warren Wiersbe flourished as magician in the 1940s with close-up magic and wrote three booklets Action with Cards, Mental Cases with Cards and Tantalizing Thimbles.

He is best known as an American pastor, Bible teacher, conference speaker and a prolific writer of Christian literature and theological works. Warren Wiersbe was ordained as pastor of Central Baptist Church in 1951. He is most famous for his series of 27 books in the "Be" series: Be Real, Be Rich, Be Mature, Be Joyful, etc.

Dr. Wiersbe has become a well known and trusted Bible theologian and scholar throughout Fundamental and Evangelical circles.

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Warren W. Wiersbe

Tantalizing Thimbles by Warren W. WiersbeAccenting simplicity in thimble magic, without clips or holders, gimmicked tables or devices or trick thimbles. 51 illustrations, great sleight of hand.

1st edition 1948; 1st digital edition 2013, 39 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface

    The Thimbles Themselves

  2. Materials
  3. Sleights


  4. The Toss Palm
  5. "Cig" Vanish
  6. Slow-Motion Vanish
  7. Rub-A-Dub Vanish

    Color Changes

  8. The Rub Change
  9. The Triple Color Change
  10. Twister Color Change
  11. Slow-Motion Color Change

    Thimble Tricks

  12. Double Penetration
  13. Transposed Thimbles
  14. The Educated Thimbles
  15. Multi-Thimble Vanish
  16. The Penetrating Thimble ...
2013 / 8 / 10

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Warren W. Wiersbe

Mental Cases with Cards by Warren W. WiersbeWarren places utmost importance on the effect and uses whatever method suits him to achieve it: mathematics, stacks, crimps, sleights, etc. He credits Ed Marlo for clarifying and simplifying his work.


  • Packet Prediction
  • Miracle Do As I Do
  • In My Estimation ...
  • Blindfold Poker Deal
  • Card Illusion
  • Double Separation
  • Royal Mentalism
  • Superstitious Mentalism
  • Peek!
  • Divination Supreme
  • Think-a-card - Wiersbe version
  • A Change in Number
  • Fantispell
  • Pasteboard Affinity - a complete routine with eight effects using the Si Stebbins stack.

1st edition 1946; PDF 39 pages.

2007 / 1 / 28

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