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Werner G. Seitz

Werner G. Seitz

(Stuttgart, Germany: 12th February 1940 - 27th January 2006)

Learned from two pro uncles. Mechanical-electronic engineer. Semi-pro close-up and restaurant magician since 1958. Aka "Johnny Laker". Moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. Wrote Pride: The Copenhagen Coin Routine (1970). Articles in Magie.

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Werner G. Seitz
Pride: The Copenhagen Coin Routine by Werner G. Seitz

Effect: After displaying a glass and a handkerchief freely, the close-up artiste borrows a coin (or uses his own) and passes it right through the folded handkerchief placed on top of the glass, which a spectator is holding in his own hands. The effect is repeated.

This routine requires a gimmick that is not included with this PDF. The gimmick consists of a precision-made ring that fits a 10-Penny piece (or whatever coin you want to use) so exactly that, when placed in the folds of the enclosed handkerchief (which is folded so that twice the thickness of the cloth lies over the ring), a...

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