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Created: 10/03/2019
Updated: 08/02/2023

Who Can Decipher the Title and Author of these Books

Who can decipher the title and the author of the volume depicted below? The book must have been published before 1923. It is probably a well-known classic as the other books from the same photo, but it could also be something lesser known.

Unknown Book

The two books in the picture below have earlier been identified as:

Unknown Book

These books and a few others are depicted in the book The Training Department of the Lakeside Press (1923) on page 25. They are likely part of Edward Gallaway's library.


Ronald Doerfler (07/25/2023)

Just a shot in the dark. Assuming the author's name on the topmost book is "IRVING", I looked at books by Washington Irving. The closest match I could find to the pattern of the title of the book is his "Voyages and Discoveries Of the Companions Of Columbus" from 1831. I'm not sure it fits exactly, but I just thought I would let you know. Ron Doerfler [email protected]