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Why Magic? Why Me? F.U.N. Presentation Series
by Ken Muller


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Why Magic? Why Me? F.U.N. Presentation Series by Ken Muller

Mostly conjuring applications. Magic theory.

This is a collection of experience thoughts about performance magic. What is magic? What role does it play in our culture? What does impossible mean today? The theme is being "more than able" in live as well as pretending at the impossible on stage. Each section and page is meant to inspire reflective musing on one's abilities and limitations. Together they provide a mirror in which each magician can view self and chosen magical effects in a different light or perspective. They are not a formula for self-improvement.

Part of this is the notion that performance magic (and you) can have an impact on the lives of your audience beyond the "just entertain me" diversion from boredom. While a performer should not have a hidden agenda or desire to manipulate others, awareness that everything you do can have an affect is important in crafting a presentation.

What are the expectations of your audience of the moment? How prepared are you to learn of these and offer more?

I offer many eBook on the "how to do" theme. Here you can explore the "why" and "when" aspects of our art. No sure answers - just seeds of growth and creativity. We are all "less than able" relative to the perceptions and needs of other people. Magic is about recognizing limitations and overcoming them. Real or pretend? You decide.

I use physical disability references and allow each reader to replace with their own real or imagined limitations. By pretending we can find truth. It is magic!

Some of this material was developed decades ago in connection with Ricky Boone's Vanishing Wheelchair Project where performance magic helps folks with physical disabilities. It was found that the families of these students liked the information as much as the 'kids'.

It is a human foible to notice the status of others and project limitations of their potential while being blind to one's own "less than able" issues. Magic can make a difference.

I have tossed a lot of quotes from other sources as validation, and a couple of stories for fun. This can be an adventure. There is no charge or fee. Yet, there is always a price. You must be willing to invest some time and be open to new ideas. I can no longer perform in public. You can. Make the most of it!

1st edition 2022, PDF 37 pages.
word count: 12579 which is equivalent to 50 standard pages of text