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Coauthors: B. W. McCarron

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Will Andrade
Comedy Magic by Will Andrade

This old manuscript released by Will Andrade revolves around comedy magic. It contains a collection of many gags that can be incorporated in your magic act.

Some gags include:

  • fat and thin lady
  • milk through head
  • shoe lace trick
  • banana gag
  • flap jack trick
  • duck trick
  • famous bullet catching
  • egg shampoo
  • the elusive lady
  • Etc.
PDF 22 pages
2019 / 6 / 8

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Will Andrade
Simplified Card Fanning by Will Andrade

An illustrated manuscript on card fanning techniques.

This original manuscript was supplied by Will Andrade in conjunction with the fanning deck ("Ultra Pack") they supplied. While certain design descriptions are specific to the deck that Will Andrade sold, the techniques can be applied to other fanning decks.

PDF 7 pages

2019 / 2 / 12

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Will Andrade
Magical Patter by Will Andrade

A compilation of humorous patter routines, suitable for various tricks and illusions. Specially arranged for the magical entertainer. Gags to suit every situation.

PDF 16 pages

2018 / 5 / 8

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Will Andrade
The X-Ray Eye Act by Will Andrade

Here is a feature act. Performer's eyes are completely covered with heavy wads of cotton wool, after which the cotton is firmly sealed over the eyes by means of adhesive tape; after this a heavy strip of bandage is placed firmly over the eyes and tied tightly around the head. Regardless of what appears thus to be an absolute impossibility under these conditions, the medium can walk chalk lines, call names of selected cards, and many other unbelievable tests, even to describing people and their actions.

1st digital edition 2018, 8 pages.

2018 / 1 / 16

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Will Andrade & B. W. McCarron
Last Train to Spookville by Will Andrade & B. W. McCarron

A four-act spirit seance in a box.

A bell placed in the cabinet rings out answers to questions. A handkerchief takes on life and moves about the cabinet, even flying outside it. A pair of slates reveals an answer to a thought-of question.

And now for the finale! A committee of spectators seals three blank sheets of paper inside a glass fruit jar. The jar is placed in the cabinet, in plain sight, with a fountain pen and bottle of ink. When the paper is removed by the committee, it's discovered that the spirits have accurately predicted the outcome of a pair of previous tests.

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2017 / 11 / 5

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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)