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William Frederick Pinchbeck

William Frederick Pinchbeck (fl. 1800s) was related to Christopher Pinchbeck (c. 1670 - 1732), a skilled clockmaker who was famous for the automatons he constructed. Christopher Pinchbeck is mentioned by Thomas Frost in The Old Showmen and Old London Fairs.

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William Frederick Pinchbeck

The Expositor by William Frederick PinchbeckA series of letters, between an unidentified friend and his correspondent (William Frederick Pinchbeck) comprising of how to train a pig, invisible lady and acoustic temple, philosophical swan, penetrating spy glasses, several magic tricks, such as how to catch a bullet, and reflections on ventriloquism.

This book includes the first known description of the "Eight Kings" card stack.

  1. Method of teach the Pig – from Letter I. to IX. See also Letter V. Appendix
  2. Principles of the Acoustic Temple – from Letter IX. To XIV. See also Letter II. Appendix.
  3. A Demonstration of the philosophical...
2018 / 8 / 20

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