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William V. Ottaway

(1886 - Victoria, Canada: March 2nd, 1970)

Stage magician and hypnotist in Buffalo, NY. Wrote Secrets of the Successful Hypnotist (1920) and Pleasure Moments with the Magic Man.

Coauthors: T. A. Whitney

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William V. Ottaway & T. A. Whitney
Magic and Mentalism Mysteries by William V. Ottaway & T. A. Whitney

Originally published as Pleasure Moments with the Magic Man. A nearly impossible to find book of occult-themed magic and mentalism is now back and better than ever.

Updated text and graphics have been added to this vintage text, containing a nice bridge to the past and present. No difficult sleights are required. Instructions are included for constructing the necessary apparatus to present these fine demonstrations to your own audiences.


  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • "Spirit Guide" Card Location in the Dark
  • "Muscle Reading" Card Trick
  • No-Sleight Card Location
  • How to Use the "Peg Card"...
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