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Wilton Moore Tucker

(1913 - Greenville, SC: February 25th, 1976)

American locksmith and magician. Wrote Opening Safes with Electrical Devices (1954) and The Change Raisers (1960).

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Wilton Moore Tucker
The Change Raisers by Wilton Moore Tucker

Reveals the inside story on how the con artist forces you, or a store, or even a bank teller to hand him too much change.

This bit of larceny gains the criminal five, ten, or more dollars each time -- and that from a $2 purchase. Also shows how to keep from being shortchanged. Almost defies detection, and practically works itself. This is no pie-in-the-sky con. Newspaper and TV stories report that victims of every age and ethnicity are taken in by this technique.

Audiences are hungry for this information, to avoid being "taken." Makes an excellent lecture to provide to banks, stores, senior...

★★★★ $15
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