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Witness Projection Program
by Ken Muller

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Witness Projection Program by Ken Muller

A collection of mentalism-type demonstrations based on the framing of the treatment of witnesses in a courtroom setting, and the premises of influence, empathy, clairvoyance and telepathy.

Any similarity to actual practices and techniques of practicing attorneys at law or assistants is coincidental and grounded in mirth. These effects and scripts are for the legal system of the USA and may need modifications for congruency (or sanity) for the systems of other nations.

Truth Test

A defense attorney sometimes has too many witnesses willing to testify. Their eagerness to help often clouds the accuracy of their testimony. The astute lawyer learns how to detect falsehood using intuition, empathy and clever questions. This is a simple, visual test that can be a prelude or overture for other effects on this trial Theme. Many spectators can be involved.

Never Said

A good attorney must be aware of what is NOT being said, intentionally or just uncertainty from faulty memory. It can look like mind-reading when he zooms in on a fact never mentioned directly. Never Said is a simple effect that could precede Truth Test, or be an alternate opener or prelude. Several spectators are involved.


A deposition can be the written testimony of a witness not able to be present at the trial. An attorney can use the statement and information of the deposition to prepare questions and test the accuracy of the memory or comments of a live witness in the court. He can also use the advanced knowledge to influence the courtroom witness’s testimony and seem almost psychic to the jury. This is a complex demonstration of this ability using several spectators and a volunteer court clerk. Extensive prop preparation is required the first time.

Supportive Memory

In this effect, a spectator imagines a crime scene, invents some facts, and then describes these invented facts. The attorney uses paranormal abilities to influence the memory of the witness. The facts offered by this witness are compared by the court clerk with the written deposition from the absent witness. The accuracy proves the invented facts to be true. Supportive Memory uses only one spectator and a volunteer clerk. No difficult preparation is required.

1st edition 2022, PDF 53 pages.
word count: 22117 which is equivalent to 88 standard pages of text