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Worker's ACAAN
by Koo Hu

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Worker's ACAAN by Koo Hu

ACAAN without Pain, Tear, Sweat or Fear

  • Involve upto 4 participants.
  • Nothing to memorize.
  • Clear and concise method.

Worker's ACAAN is one ACAAN that will leave your audience speechless. Its method enables seamless execution which in turn delivers unparalleled mystery. Once you understand the method, it will be impossible to forget. This is the only ACAAN you'll depend upon the rest of your life.

  1. Four people decide on the colour, suit, value and the number between 1 and 52
  2. You invite the fourth person to join you.
  3. Unpack a deck that has been in full view, get rid of ad cards and the joker.
  4. Hand over half of the deck, to the participant. (This half has 2 sets of Ace to King, one of them is of the suit they just mentioned.)
  5. After the person confirms to the audience that he/she indeed has the named card. He/She shuffles the cards and then you add the other half to the shuffle too.
  6. The participant deals down and we have an ACAAN.

1st edition 2024, PDF 12 pages + video 13:49.
word count: 1435 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text