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Zodiac by Dee Christopher

"Wow! This is VERY cool, you have a winner here!!" - Luca Volpe

"Very stylish, incredibly practical, I've been waiting for something like this for YEARS! F*&KING SICK!" - Lewis Lé Val

With these cards alone, you will be able to:
  • Reveal a participant's star sign.
  • Reveal a thought of word.
  • Duplicate a drawing.
  • Use these cards for a reading.
All with no pumping for information, no progressive anagrams with 100% accuracy, every single time. This a most effective and deceptive method of gaining a participants personal information, perhaps to use for a hot reading. Even if they do not know their star sign before you come to their table, you will STILL be able to reveal it. Everything within the handling is perfectly justified. The props are justified, the purpose is logical and the method is undetectable.

To print your own cards, the artwork is supplied in poker playing card size and business card size, along with where I recommend printing for the best value and quickest turnaround. You could even use the second method (not markings) I mention to perform the routine and have the ZODIAC faces printed on the back of your business cards, to leave them with an everlasting reminder of he amazing experience they had with you.

From Dee Christopher:

Zodiac is a project that began seven years ago in December 2008. I hired an incredibly talented designer to create some stunning art pieces. His name is Matthew Vickerstaff; you will have seen his work as the artist and designer behind countless album covers from the likes of Cradle Of Filth, My Dying Bride, Khold, Dark Throne and many others.

He created 13 pieces of art for me; edited versions of which you'll find as the faces of these beautiful zodiac cards. I designed the backs of these cards to serve an important purpose; a no memory marking system.

I spent a long time searching for the correct routines, the right scripts, the reasons for having these cards in my pocket, the correct marking system to use for those days when your memory just isn't playing ball.

The Zodiac has been around since the 7th Century BC. It has stood the test of time and is still relevant. For that reason, horoscopes are the most popular personal reading systems used by the public all around the world. People relate to this and it adds validity as a mystery performer having knowledge in this incredibly popular area.

It's taken me seven years of consideration, trial and error, and hundreds of live performances, but now I'm in the place where I'm willing to share these beautiful cards and the routines I've devised with the world.

1st edition 2015, 37 pages.
word count: 4940 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

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