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20-20 Memory
by Jack Dutton


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

Windows | by download [1.20 MByte]  
20-20 Memory by Jack Dutton

If you perform any type of Giant memory routine (or intend to add one to your repertoire) 20-20 Memory is the software to help you polish your performance. In the past it has been difficult to effectively practice memory routines under realistic conditions; Jack developed this software to overcome that problem. 20-20 Memory becomes your audience. The software selects a number of random items, offers you a specific amount of time in which to memorize them, and then allows you to test yourself as many times as you wish. You are in control of the number of items used and can also adjust the pace at which they are presented to you.

The screens are clear and uncluttered, and the program offers an excellent range of settings so you can easily control most aspects of the program.

  • Select from 5 to 30 items from a list of over 2500 choices
  • Set a personal delay time from 1 to 20 seconds
  • Work with single objects or more 'complex' phrases
  • The program also features a random number feature: train yourself to memorize 2-digit to 9-digit random numbers, with a time limit of between one to 6 seconds for each number.
After you have memorized your list, you can review the items (as many times as necessary) or move straight to two different test features:
  • the 'written' test compares your answers with the original list,
  • the 'verbal' test offers you a number and asks you to recall the item before it is displayed on the screen; you can work through this test either forwards, backwards or in random order.
Although 20-20 Memory features four built-in lists (and a random number generator), that's not the end...You can create your own lists of items to use with the software, or download additional lists from the irontree website.

"20-20 Memory software is a great device for training using whatever type of memory system you have chosen to study. This would have been a tremendous help when I first learned these systems and, even now, I find it fun and fascinating to just occasionally test myself, you can adjust the time, to stay in shape! If you do memory work, or intend to, get this software." - Richard Osterlind

"I wish I had this years ago. It is simple to operate and just robust enough in its capacities to do a great job and not overwhelm you. You have the control to take it at the pace that works for you and best of all you can really test yourself and gauge your progress." - Bill Cushman

Note: the software does not teach memorization techniques, it is specifically designed for those of you who have begun using a memory system and want to improve your performance. Once you have the mechanics of memorization in place, 20-20 Memory will enable you to polish your techniques and build up your speed so that when you are working with a real audience you can focus on your presentation.

Requirements: Windows operating system.