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49 Easy To Do Card Tricks
by Percy Abbott

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49 Easy To Do Card Tricks by Percy Abbott

From the introduction:

Included in the 49 effects are some that are new and some that have been favorites of professional Magicians for years, but all of them have been tested on their merits as entertaining and mystifying tricks.

All of these tricks can be performed with any deck of playing cards, with little or no preparation beforehand, and in compiling them, it has been the aim to include only such tricks as may be performed simply with a pack of playing cards, without the necessity of any extra paraphernalia.

These tricks are easy to do, and may be performed once you have the directions well in mind. In studying the instructions, always have a deck of cards in your hand, so that you may learn by actually doing the trick as directed.

  • To the Reader
  • Automatic Card Trick
  • Odd and Even
  • Mystic Seven
  • The Magic Jacks
  • A Sweetheart
  • The All-Seeing Eye
  • The Inn Keeper's Problem
  • Penetration
  • Divination
  • Finding Two Selected Cards
  • It Comes Out Here
  • Up Your Sleeve
  • Easy Card Location
  • Dealing a Royal Flush
  • No-Sleight Force
  • Tearing the Pack Stunt
  • The Whispering Queen
  • Cards from Pocket
  • More Cards from the Pocket
  • A Fooler
  • Naming the Top Cards
  • Reverse Detector
  • Count Your Card
  • Good for Repeat
  • The Wizard's Favorite Trick
  • A Tricky Discovery
  • Who's Wrong?
  • Three-Card Selection
  • Pips Show Where
  • Reversing Card
  • Super Card Sensation
  • The Puzzler
  • To Vanish Selected Card
  • Think "Stop"
  • The Magic Five-Pile Trick
  • A Telepathic Trick
  • Tap-a-Card
  • Rising Card Effect
  • Rising Card from Glass
  • Spelling the Deck
  • The "Nine" Speller
  • Cat's Eyes
  • Blackout
  • Mystery in the Dark
  • Rapid Flight Cards
  • The Magic "Q" Trick
  • All Fair
  • Time Change
  • A Chinaman's Chance
1st digital edition 2016, 25 pages.
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