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Hex by Bill Madsen & Al Forgione

This is a great collection of tricks from a list of top-notch contributors.

From the introduction:

For six years, Al and I cooperated in a modest venture titled The New Jinx. It was a monthly magic journal conceived out of certain personal ambitions of mine. The first was to attempt a living memorial to the memory of Ted Annemann, creator of the original Jinx and an individual who has captured my interest more than any other single person I can think of. Next, I wanted to express my own personal viewpoints on the existing state of "professionalism" in stage magic and mentalism. Such a journal would serve as an ideal vehicle to do so. And, last but not least, The New Jinx would provide another avenue for magical creators through which they could reach the interested reader with their brainchildren and also get their creations "on the record."

Al Forgione contributed his artistic talents, not only because he is my friend but because he thoroughly enjoys indulging in his own form of self-expression.

After the usual growing-pains came a plateau on which we felt our mutual goals had been achieved. But, along the way, something new and quite unexpected was added. We were also given a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with some of the most interesting people we have ever known. Some were contributors and others were readers. Thus, for six years, we were treated to a bonus, as it were, to our original intent.

But, seventy-two months without a lapse took its toll with the advent of a burned- out feeling and the notion, what is there left to say? At this point, rather than coast steadily downhill, we decided, with regret, to bid adieu to our fascinating friends and call it a day. "Dropping out" was easy. Staying out - ah, that has been something else again. Scarcely a year has passed since our final issue of The New Jinx, and - we're back.

  • Introduction
  • Stewart Cramer
    • The Parlor Yogi
    • Implanted Thought
  • Harry G. Franke
    • Framed!
    • Three Ways Out
  • Ace Gorham
    • Hot Money
    • Pull Yourself Together
    • Psychic Spectator?
    • Last Call
  • Harry Lorayne
    • SNAP!
    • Half A Faro Onward
  • Paul Marcus
    • NICOMAR'S Lesson
    • A Card Named Bill
  • Edward Marlo
    • MARLO Flexible Count
    • Mental Lie
  • Leslie May
    • One Over The Eight
    • Thank You, Ted
    • Thoughts From Thin Air
    • NELSON'S Column
  • David Ray
    • Nine Numbers
    • Figures Fantastic
    • Primary Color
    • Stigmata
  • Danny Tong
    • Bill Antics
    • Ring and Ribbon
    • Rope and Ring
    • Perambulating Coins
    • Hippy Nuts
    • Rabbits' Habits
  • Joseph M. White
    • Phonomenon
    • Let George Do It
  • North Bigbee
    • Star Living-Or-Dead Test
  • Stephen Fernandes
    • Jacks-Or Better!
  • Roy Fromer
    • Reading Through A Brick
  • S. Leo Horowitz (Mohammed Bey)
    • New Method Duo-Flight
  • Tony T. Kardyro
    • Turnabout Supreme
  • Gerald Kosky
    • The Spirit Writes
  • Sid Lorraine
    • Cliplink
  • Orville Meyer
    • It's Murder
  • Floyd Shotts
    • Penetrating Vision

1st edition 1969; 1st digital edition 2016, 79 pages.
word count: 27442 which is equivalent to 109 standard pages of text