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A Bridge Between Realms
by Mystic Alexandre

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A Bridge Between Realms by Mystic Alexandre

A performance guide for "Frozen in Time".

I've owned the original Frozen in Time by Masuda since it was first released in the 1990s. Sure, nowadays there are physical pocket watches or wristwatches controlled electronically that you can do this with, but to me what's astonishing about Frozen in Time is that it's a gosh darn photograph! That's just crazy! How can a photograph happen to be set to an hour the subject chooses?

To me, Frozen in Time is a storytelling piece, not a prediction effect. I go into more detail in the manuscript as to why. It's fair to say I initially struggled with a proper presentation, but being interested in the esoteric and performing as a mentalist and psychic entertainer, it didn't take long for me to create a haunted object story for this.

With this download, you'll receive a comprehensive PDF with tips, and suggestions for the original, the improved, and 2.0 the Swedish Touch, and you'll get three stories. Two in audio format (a longer and a shorter one that are different) and a brief story about Takeshi Hiroshi to be remembered and told.

The stories presented here grew over time and this is more or less how I performed Frozen in Time for years. Here's a short audio clip of what these recordings sound like:

[If the embedded player should not properly work in your browser you can also download the MP3 here.]

With these recordings, all you need to do is play it and gently guide the subject you're performing for. Easy. In the end, I suggest you give them a spirit message as if you're picking this up from a spirit. Three such messages are supplied.

Bring out your unused Frozen in Time, or pick one up. I personally prefer the original and improved versions, but any version will do. These are wonderful high-quality magical pieces, and they make a deep impression if presented properly. This download will make a difference. Go for it!

1st edition 2023, PDF 6 pages + audio 7:34
word count: 1523 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text