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A Bumblebee's Flight
by Michel Cayrol & Jean-Marie Beckers


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A Bumblebee's Flight by Michel Cayrol & Jean-Marie Beckers

This is an important improvement of the classic Kruskal principle. Think about this: The spectator can shuffle the deck and you still know exactly where the count will end!

This ebook contains a new principle on Kruskal-counting and illustrates the principle with two effects. The first effect A Bumblebee’s Flight will lead the spectator’s dealing sequence invariably to a known/predicted card, even after a shuffle by the spectator. A version for cards taken out of a sealed box and shuffled twice by spectators is also provided. Performance and explanation videos by Tomas Blomberg are linked inside the ebook.

The principle itself is described in detail and compares as follows with previous versions using Kruskal counts:

  • Standard Kruskal effect: potential failures (the Kruskal count is a probabilistic method that does not always work), performer needs to see cards, outcome only known once cards are shuffled and dealt.
  • Methods using Kruskal-type counting to reach a fixed card: stacked deck not allowing for shuffle but certain outcome.
  • New method: bullet proof, cards never shown face-up, spectator shuffles, prediction can be known before effect starts and even before spectator shuffles.

1st edition 2016, 16 pages.
word count: 4079 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text

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