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by Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano

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A CAAN Duel by Felipe Suau & Biagio Fasano

A C.A.A.N. Duel is a pair of incredible card magic effects of the 'Card At Any Number' theme. In the first effect, which gives the eBook its title, a complete deck of 52 cards, possibly also borrowed, is shuffled at will by a spectator who will take part in a challenge. The challenge is to guess which card is located at a given number between 1 and 52. After giving an initial example, we move on to the actual challenge: the magician begins, demonstrating his great skill in the matter by announcing (and writing on a notepad) the card, even before knowing the number that the spectator is going to choose. Once the number has also been written on the card, the performer writes and announces a new number, asking the spectator to name the card he thinks they will find in that position, always starting to count from the top of the deck.

Unbelievably, the performer will manage to make the spectator find the very card he had indicated at the number of the position he had announced, and surprisingly, he will conclude the experiment by also indicating at which exact number he will be able to find the card that the spectator had (with more than 98% chance against him) mistakenly named.

In the second effect, entitled "12 to 3: Card At That Number", a pack of cards is shuffled and shown to the audience. A spectator cuts the deck and deals twelve cards on the table. One of them is chosen from the remainder and then scattered in the deck, which is handed to a member of the audience. The twelve cards are shown, cut and dealt into four packs of three cards each. The spectator takes a pack of his choice and adds up the value of the three cards to obtain a number. The audience is shown that the other cards in each packet would return totally different results. For the final revelation, the spectator, who had been holding the deck from the beginning, counts up to the position given by the result and finds the very card of his choice.

Key Points:

  • Two profoundly different effects of the 'Card At Number' theme.
  • Both have a very strong impact on the public and among magicians.
  • The first effect is totally impromptu.
  • The second effect requires only a few minutes of preparations, which is totally invisible.
  • A simple 52-card deck and no gimmicks are required for both effects.
  • No complex card magic techniques are required. On the contrary, these are two semi-automatic effects that will astonish your public, seeming impossible and real magic.

"This ebook presents two "duels to card at any number" effects....If one is not fascinated by the effects of "Card At Any Number" because he is a fan of Grand Illusions, it never hurts to have more arrows in one's bow, also because they can be a source of inspiration for other effects. Also, as we will see, these two effects require only a deck of cards, no preparation (except for a quick one for the second effect) and especially no gimmick. The first trick is totally impromptu and the explanation is accompanied by a QR code to link to a video where it is shown how to perform the required oiverhand shuffle...The beauty, in my opinion, of this effect is the "duel" with the spectator because, in this way, he is involved in a very intense puzzle as the cards are shuffled several times. It is not just a matter of guessing, but of making the spectator a fundamental part of the effect. In the second trick, a deck of cards is shuffled and shown to the audience...Here too, again via QR code, we are referred to two explanatory videos describing the preparation of the effect, and then a technique. Everything is described simply and clearly and, in addition, it is emphasised how important the presentation is so that it doesn't just look like a puzzle. The strength of the whole thing lies in the fact that it is the spectator who manoeuvres the pack of cards, so that it is clear to the audience that there are no tricks or handlings; on the contrary, as suggested in the text, it will be very important, before the final revelation, to be able to play one's part well in underlining how all the various steps make it impossible to have been able to make moves in secret. Two effects of strong impact, amusing, where the public is active because it will have accepted a funny duel and will have a final clamorous surprise in both cases." - Luca Ramacciotti

1st edition 2021, PDF 13 pages.
word count: 4387 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text