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Biagio Fasano

I am an Italian expert in commercial informatics and an amateur magician of many years experience, with a particular interest in mathemagics, card magic and mentalism.

This is my first magical publication, but I am currently working on several others that will hopefully be published soon!

I love to read and collect books of magic and I am also a collector of video games and consoles...

Coauthors: Michael Daniels

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Biagio Fasano

Giochi di MAtTE, MAtTi, CArte PITturate by Biagio FasanoPrezzzo Promozionale introduttivo, valido fino al 16 Settembre 2018 : solo 10$! Dal 17 Settembre Prezzo Standard: 20$.

Quella che troverete é una mia raccolta di cinque effetti di cartomagia, ispirati dai lavori di Pit Hartling e Juan Tamariz, accomunati dal fatto di essere tutti di semploice esecuzione e derivanti da un principio MATEMATICO, anche se molto bene cccultato.

In particolar modo vado molto fiero di aver apparentemente scoperto un nuovo principio matematico riguardo i miscugli faro ed anti-faro (dalle ricerche che ho svolto finora e secondo il parere di alcuni esperti italiani...

2018 / 8 / 9

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Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels

Jiggery Pokery by Biagio Fasano & Michael DanielsJiggery Pokery is a self-working three-phase Texas Hold 'em routine for mentalists and card workers and develops a principle by Ben Harris which he published as Psi Poker. This ebook is fully endorsed by Ben Harris
"This is great. I am thrilled. BRILLIANT." - Ben Harris

"A great self-working audience-participation routine. I like this ebook very much." - Peter Duffie

"Interesting and clever" – Gianfranco Preverino

"I appreciated your work (particularly the first part about the Prediction effect which looks excellent) … not only and simply for the work itself but for the passion I found in it. Only with research can...

2012 / 12 / 30

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