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A Few Principles and Deceptions for Card Magic
by Erivan Vazquez

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A Few Principles and Deceptions for Card Magic by Erivan Vazquez

After more than one year and a half of planning, programming and thinking over and over about details, my third release is here. For this occasion, I'm sharing with you three effects along with some really cool phone applications. These are the effects found in the ebook:

THE PERFECT LOCATION: You place a red card as a prediction in a blue deck. A spectator selects a freely chosen card from the same blue deck and replaces it in a random position of his choice. The deck is divided into two and you take cards simultaneously from each packet. When you get to your prediction card (the red card), you turn over the card on the opposite packet and it is the spectator's selected card.

S.C.A.A.A.A.N. THE DECK: In a few words, spectator looks at a card and remembers it. He loses it into the deck. You arrive at a random number by a process of elimination using a few cards from the deck. You count to that same number and the last card dealt is the spectator's card. There are no multiple outs and the number might be different each time. It is as accurate as it sounds. Spectator's card is found at the very same arrived number. The S.C.A.A.A.A.N stands for Selected Card At Almost Any Arrived Number.

(TMC²)³: This is a complete routine on card counting, featuring the following effects:

THE MAGICAL COMPUTERIZED CARDS (First Phase): The spectator looks at a card in the deck at random and is lost into the deck. You pull out your phone and a special program calculates the position of the card in the deck. You count to that number and the selected card is found. You may repeat the effect, but the spectator just merely thinks of a card this time. You open the program one more time and the position of the thought card is calculated. You count one more time to that number and once again the selected card is located.

THE MENTALLY CONTROLLED CARDS (Second Phase): You deal five poker hands and invite four spectators to assist you. Each one of them takes a packet and thinks of a card. You do the same with your packet. All of you shuffle your packets at the same time and the packets are then reassembled. You divide the packet one more time into five face up poker hands and you start to reveal each spectator's selected card, one by one.

THE MASTER OF CARD COUNTING (Third Phase): One spectator selects a card and loses it into the deck and you proceed to reveal it in three different ways.

First, you take a sample of cards and by a process of elimination, you arrive at a number. Then you count to that number in the deck and leave the last card face down on the table, but do not reveal it yet (in fact, this will be the spectator's selected card).

Second, even if you don't believe it, you can announce the selected card before turning over the face down card that is on the table (and no, you don't use marked cards if you are guessing). Then you turn over the face down card that is on the table and this is the same card you announced, but more amazingly, it is the selected card!

Last but not least, you pull out your phone and use a similar application to the one you used before. To the surprise of the spectator, the selected card is drawn on a small crystal ball.

For the final climax, you explain that each method has an ultimate goal: to help you win at card games. So now you proceed to deal a poker game of five hands (dealing one to yourself) and invite four spectators to join you so you can bet. Each hand is shown and it is seen that they do not have a good hand to bet on, but yours is a royal flush in diamonds.

The ebook comes along with two special apps for Android devices. These apps are "Numerical Location" used in the First Phase. And the second one is "Estimation" used on the Third Phase.

1st edition 2017, 33 pages + 2 Android apps

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