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A Further Five Kinks
by Ian Baxter

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A Further Five Kinks by Ian Baxter
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Ian delights in finding forgotten gems in classical card literature, which he then refines and updates for modern day audiences. In this manuscript, you will find a further five effects which have received Ian's careful study and are sure to delight both you and your spectators.

In Miraskill Detour Ian has taken the classic Miraskill and turned it into a totally impromptu and self working mystery, while in the process managing to streamline the procedure and still maintain the strong impact of the original routine.

MBJ Echo is a re-working of an old Henry Christ trick, simple both in effect and execution. The plot involves the magician appearing to have trouble finding the two black Jacks, but then the tables are turned in an instant and the Jacks are found at a location in the deck, determined from two numbers freely selected by a spectator.

Hidden 21 is a very sneaky version of the 21 Card Trick and it will fool anyone familiar with the original. Also, it requires you to deal three piles of cards onto the table only once - a very distinct advantage.

Royal Rebound is an overlooked Vernon classic from Stars Of Magic, a monte type effect where the picture cards from a Royal Straight Flush unexpectedly change to tens. The effect is strong, but the original version is technically demanding. Ian has simplified the handling so that the original effect remains, but the skill level required is considerably reduced.

Random is an effect which appeared in Expert Card Technique, was improved by Mike Rogers and has now been streamlined by Ian to produce a simple but hard hitting discovery. In essence, a card is selected, lost in the pack and then four cards are dealt off the top - each one clearly shown not to be the selected card. The four are then placed in front of the spectator, who indicates one and discovers that he has found his own selected card. A very strong effect achieved in a straightforward manner by relatively simple means.

Apart from the above five excellent effects, Ian has added some Bonus Material, describing his handling of the Hindu Shuffle and explaining a number of fine points that make this very versatile technique considerably more effective. Also, in an interesting historical sideline, Ian puts forward his thoughts on how the Hindu Shuffle was first introduced to the magic fraternity.

1st edition 2016, 20 pages.
word count: 9037 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text