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A Masterclass in Comedy Vol. 1
by Terry Seabrooke


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A Masterclass in Comedy Vol. 1 by Terry Seabrooke

Terry Seabrooke is a genius at comedy. He has only to walk out in front of an audience and they begin to laugh. In these recordings Terry explains how you take a standard prop and turn it into a comedy item.

Who would have thought of cutting a piece of wallpaper by getting a lady assistant to lie on it while he saws through her and the sheet of paper? Only Terry Seabrooke. Here in this master class he teaches you how to develop your own comedy magic routines and explains the essence of building comedy situations that will make your audience laugh. If you are thinking of creating your comedy routines you could spend the next twenty years developing your own style and approach but instead spend an hour or so listening to these recordings and you’ll soon get to grips with the basics of how it all works.

Terry is one of the funniest magicians. He has entertained lay audiences and magicians and they all fall under his spell. It is all here. It looks so easy but it requires careful planning and a lot of hard work and the inside info that you will find here.

It includes a description of the hilarious "Chattering Teeth" effect: A card is selected from a shuffled deck. The spectator memorizes the card. You bring out your grandmother's false teeth (actually a set of Yakety Yak Teeth). Drop the teeth, along with a sheet of newspaper, into a top hat. Suddenly, the teeth start to chatter and pieces of newspaper fly into the air. Could the teeth be chewing the paper? Reach into the top hat and remove the sheet of paper. Unfold it to reveal the shape of the chosen card. Chewed right into the paper. It's wild. It's hilarious. It's Seabrooke at his goofiest best!

Recorded 15th August, 1977. Length 55 min.

Reviewed by Joe Libby (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 22 March, 2009

If you are interested in adding more comedy to your act, or just want to make your presentations your own, this recording and its sequel are must-haves. There are several books and courses available right now about comedy magic and writing comedy, and they may be very good indeed. But for $18.00 you can have approximately two hours of Terry Seabrooke's tips, pointers, and routines at your disposal. A great value.


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