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A. P. Sreenivasan

Innovative Indian amateur close-up magician. He worked as an electrical engineer in Bombay until 1972. Since then he ran his own restaurant business in the famous hill station of Ooty. He was also an excellent athlete. He was an inter-university first in the 100 meters sprint.

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A. P. Sreenivasan
Card Circus by A. P. Sreenivasan

Excerpt from the preface:

This book is primarily intended for those who are familiar with card magic. I have performed these effects under many conditions with very good response from the audience. Some moves are simple, some are difficult, but all are natural. All my own sleights and some of the standard sleights are explained in detail.

  • Preface
  • APS Rising Cards
  • Slow Motion Aces
  • Red And Blue All The Way
  • Incredible Sandwich
  • Acrobatic Card
  • Strange Deck And Triumphant Aces
  • Turn Over Herrman Pass
  • Meet Sreenivas

This ebook includes more than 130 photos to illustrate the moves...

★★★★★ $6
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