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A Regal Exchange
by David Regal & Dartagnan

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A Regal Exchange by David Regal & Dartagnan

David Regal is a television writer and producer (Carbonnaro Effect) by profession, with a background in live comedy. But you likely know his work in magic, either through the tricks he has created like "Sudden Deck", or the books he's authored such as Approaching Magic, or his own performances at the Magic Castle or on video.

  • What his process entails for coming up with engaging presentations.
  • The difference between inspiration and attendance.
  • How television writing informs his magic.
  • Why a magic secret is only a beginning.
  • Why being original (or not) is a decision.
  • The differences between music, comedy and magic and their ethics.
  • How performing part-time while working in Hollywood created some interesting problems.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of various personas ... and why his persona has evolved over his performing career.
  • The one thing he realized about himself he wasn't exploiting in his performances.
  • A sneaky, organic way he created an act and how he thinks about show creation.
  • His six shows a week, full-time improv past and one powerful takeaway he uses in his magic.
  • Why a premise, no matter how flimsy, is the greatest aid to your performances.
  • David's "Puppy trick." Where it came from, what kind of work it took, why it has such appeal ... and why it's so much better than the standard "ambitious card."
  • and so much more (that's only the first half)

audio 57 min