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Coauthors: Whit Haydn, Christian Cagigal, David Regal

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Magic From Wherever I'm At Bundle 2 by Dartagnan

Episodes 41-80 of my podcast Magic From Wherever I'm At.

These episodes contain the following nuggets:

  • This insidious force will bully, seduce, falsify, and distract you into remaining a trickster. It already has 99% of magicians in a death grip... will you ever escape? (Episode 41).
  • Why most magicians, regardless of what they claim, are still, in reality, amateur magicians... and what to do about it today (Episode 42).
  • How to finally discover your will, self-respect, and power as a magician (Episode 43).
  • My tribute to Ricky Jay... a massive influence on my approach to magic (Episode...
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Magic From Wherever I'm At Bundle 1 by Dartagnan

The first forty (1-40) episodes of my podcast Magic From Wherever I'm At.

These episodes contain the following nuggets:

  • The two (2) things every performance must have (Episode 40).
  • The one thing you cannot sacrifice in performance - This is the biggest factor that makes bad magic bad (Episode 39). 
  • The "notes" I got on my show from another performer... and the one throw-away comment that actually mattered (Episode 38).
  • An obvious mistake magicians make every day that a Chicago police officer even noticed (Episode 37). 
  • The "silk scarf snafu." The misunderstanding a new street performer...
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David Regal & Dartagnan
A Regal Exchange by David Regal & Dartagnan

David Regal is a television writer and producer (Carbonnaro Effect) by profession, with a background in live comedy. But you likely know his work in magic, either through the tricks he has created like "Sudden Deck", or the books he's authored such as Approaching Magic, or his own performances at the Magic Castle or on video.

  • What his process entails for coming up with engaging presentations.
  • The difference between inspiration and attendance.
  • How television writing informs his magic.
  • Why a magic secret is only a beginning.
  • Why being original (or not) is a decision.
  • The differences...
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Christian Cagigal & Dartagnan
El Encantador by Christian Cagigal & Dartagnan

Christian Cagigal is a highly decorated performer who splits his time between New York and San Francisco. His one-man shows "Now and at the Hour" and "Obscura" (among others) have received critical acclaim. He's a theatre consultant as well as the owner of the "San Francisco Ghost Hunt" walking tour.

  • Why he's never fully codified his creative process.
  • The restrictions he has had to deal with from the beginning.
  • Who inspired him? Where does he discover ideas?
  • The elements that pushed him into "implicit magic."
  • Why the coolest tricks aren't the best tricks for a show and why magicians...
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Whit Haydn & Dartagnan
The Coyote by Whit Haydn & Dartagnan

Whit "Pop" Haydn is a decorated performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. His "expatriate con man and medicine show huckster from the early 20th century" character, "Pop", is beloved throughout the world and all its venues, be it festivals, private events or in the past, the streets.

Though he's always been a character, Whit Haydn decided to become a new manifestation of himself named Pop. Listen as I interview Pop and dig into such topics as...

  • Is character important?
  • The "Pop Haydn" backstory.
  • What Billy McComb, one of Pop's mentors, said about character arc.
  • Why character can become...
★★★★★ $10
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The Secret Gate by Dartagnan

The oldest, most pernicious, and insoluble problem in the history of magic was stated best by Henning Nelms, in his 1969 Magic and Showmanship: A Handbook for Conjurers ...

"No matter how astonishing a trick may be, it suffers from one major fault - it has no point."

This ebook is the long-sought-after answer to that statement.

[Please note that access to appendix 11 and 12 requires registration at the author's website.]

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword by Eric Evans
  • Preface
  • A Long Time Ago
  • A Lot of Simple Tricks and Nonsense
  • Best Star Pilot in the Galaxy
  • Scum and Villainy
  • Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons
  • What Are You Trying To Push on Us
  • Tremor in the Force ...
★★★★★ $20.20
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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)