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Aaron Isaacs

Aaron Isaacs

Aaron's love of performing began in the 7th grade, when he was cast in a school production of "The King and I". From that one experience, Aaron was hooked. This love of theater and performing has remained a constant through High School, College and today.

Aaron has been active in and studied every aspect of theater. He has appeared in over 25 stage productions, directed several more and served on the technical staff of countless other productions.

Aaron's life was forever changed when a friend took him to a magic shop. Aaron's new love of this performance art made him decide to take a chance and make magic his career. After quitting his job in retail management to manage a magic shop, Aaron soon opened his own magic store. But after a few years, Aaron's love of performing took over. Selling the magic shop, Aaron took his love of theater arts and magic and made performing his full time job.

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Aaron Isaacs
Clown Noses by Aaron Isaacs

This is a sponge ball routine with a very pleasant theme. The effect is:

Magician asks a female spectator: "Have you ever seen a clown?" As she answers, the magician removes a red sponge ball from his pocket. "You have probably noticed clowns always wear these silly little noses on their faces. What you may not realize is if you pull on one just splits in two." The magician pulls at the one ball with both hands and produces a second one at his fingertips. "Now, clown noses are very lonely beings, when you place them into a dark place, like your hand," the magician sets one ball...

★★★★ $5
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