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About Us was founded in 2000 by Chris Wasshuber with the idea to make hard to get magic books available in electronic form. later expanded to include gambling books, books on games and many other subject areas. Despite the fact that we retail ebooks in pretty much all subject areas, we do put a lot of focus and emphasis on Magic, Gambling and Games. We think they fit well together because they touch and partly overlap. Magic, Gambling and Games often use the same objects like cards, coins or dice. Chess and Magic are linked at least by two classic magic tricks, the knight tour and the chess playing machine or the Turk. Magicians and advantage players often use the same moves and techniques, the magician to achieve a magic effect, the cardshark to achieve an advantage at the card table. Further, there have been gamblers who later became magicians and vice versa. Notable authors like John Scarne, David Malek or Steve Forte are expert magicians as well as experts in gambling. And somebody who is a good chess player is also often quite good in poker or other games of skill. If all these connections are not enough, we also have chess masters who are magic masters such as Nick Conticello.

We frequently publish digital versions of old books not because we think we will realise a big profit, but because we know there are treasures and gems hidden in them and because we want to preserve this arcane knowledge in digital form for many generations to come. If you are in the possession of a unique or rare manuscript, pamphlet, booklet or book or other ephemera, please contact us. We would love to digitize it to preserve it for posterity.

How You Can Help Us would not exist without the help of many loyal customers and friends. I don't primarily mean the support through purchasing of products which certainly helps us, but rather the support and help we receive on many other levels. If you think is providing a unique service or if you enjoy our ebooks and other products, then please consider supporting us in the following ways.