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Leo Boudreau

(31st August 1942 - )

Born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Interested since 1950 when played role of a magician in school play. Electrical engineer and patent agent in Alexandria, Virginia. Semi-pro mental magic since 1960, aka 'Kronin' 1963-79.

He is the man who has more than any other explored the magic applications of the de Bruijn cycle also known incorrectly as bracelet codes or grey codes.

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Spirited Pasteboards by Leo BoudreauMax Maven writes in the introduction to Spirited Pasteboards:
There is an ancient Chinese curse which goes, "May you live in interesting times." Bearing this in mind, it is not without some playful malice that I inform you that you are now holding a tome which is extremely interesting.

As with the author's previous book, Psimatrika, the work in this text is primarily based upon stacking arrangements which generate information via binary codes. The principle is by no means new, but in its seventy-year history as a conjuring method it has remained little-known and woefully under-explored.

Mr. Boudreau...

2005 / 9 / 6
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Skullduggery by Leo BoudreauAfter reading this ebook you will be able to divine the words selected at random from any borrowed dictionary or book; deal four straight winning hands of Blackjack without sleight of hand; teach anyone how to read minds convincingly in just 30 seconds; sense colors merely thought of; transform a borrowed pack of cards into a bizarre impression device.

Several effects in this ebook require what Leo calls The Nothing Book. It is a hard cover book with empty pages. You can also use an empty notebook.

first edition, 1989, The Rustic Press, Arlington; 128 pages.

  1. Introduction
2005 / 9 / 6
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Psimatrika by Leo BoudreauLeo Boudreau's books have been out of print for a long time. Now that they are available again electronically, a new generation of magicians can learn and study the subtle methods Leo developed to produce true miracles. Some have said that his effects are the next best thing to real mind reading. I fully agree with this statement. The way he finds out which item the spectator selected is so subtle that it appears as if he is not doing anything. Here is a quote from Leo which Al Mann included in his introduction to Psimatrika:
"I can give a deck of cards to a person and tell him to secretly...
2005 / 9 / 6
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Leo Boudreau by Leo BoudreauLeo Boudreau's work was said to be the next best thing to real mind reading. This is a must read for any mentalist. His books were out of print for a long time. Only a few hundred copies have been manufactured in the first place.
2005 / 9 / 6
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