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ACAAN Accomplished
by Timothy Wade

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ACAAN Accomplished by Timothy Wade

After fanning the cards to show they are mixed the performer places the deck on a small table or hands it to someone to hold, at which point he never touches or even approaches the deck again. Next, the performer, in order to prove no stooges are being used picks up a box that is filled with paper balls and slings it in an arc over the entire audience asking everyone to catch or pick up a ball near them. When a number of the audience are holding paper balls, the performer reveals that three of the balls have a second red paper ball concealed inside the white. When the three people find themselves they are asked to come forward. Once the three are on stage, one is asked to call out the name of one of the fifty two cards in the deck. Another of the three is asked to pick a number between one and fifty two. The last person is asked to count the cards down to the chosen number and there is found the card which was chosen. There is nothing left out of this description, it goes down exactly as presented here. There is no sleight of hand, no trick deck or cards and nothing to remember.

[Note that stooges are used, but they are deployed in a unique manner that eliminates, in the audience's mind, the possibility of stooges being used.]

1st edition 2016, 3 pages.
word count: 1048 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text