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by Joseph B.

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+++ACAAN by Joseph B.

This is an incredible ACAAN with two completely normal decks of cards. Really powerful and semi-automatic, so easy to do. A very important point is that it only takes 5 seconds to reset.

The spectator has the choice of one of two decks. She thinks of any card (totally free choice). This card is taken out of the deck, signed, returned, and the deck is cut several times. Then the second deck is shuffled and cut. The spectator cuts this deck into four piles which are arranged around the other deck of cards. The spectator has a free choice to either turn face-up two packs, and for the other two packs the top cards are turned face-up. The values of these four cards are added up. Miraculously, the selected and signed card is found at that location in the other deck.

1st edition 2022, video 14:52.

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