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Ade Duval

Ade Duval

(Cincinatti, Ohio: 31st December 1898 - 13th August 1965)

Stage name of Adolph Albert "Ade" Amrein. Inspired in 1915 seeing Thurston. Learned by buying from Felsman's magic shop. Debut by 1917, working with Andrew Blaeser as "Amrein & Baeser" and "The Duval Brothers" on Chautauqua and Lyceum circuits 1921-1924 when went solo. Introduced his unique "A Rhapsody in Silk" act (named by Paul Fox) on 8th June 1928. Since 1928 his assistant-wife was True Duval. Switched to vaudeville stardom that July.

Played the New York Capitol and Palace theaters in 1931. Toured England 1935 (including the London Palladium); the Continent 1935-36 (including the Berlin Wintergarten in 1935) and 1939; and Australia 1939-40 and 1947. In 1940 invented the 1st practical stage method for the Smoking Thumb effect created in 1938 by movie comedian Stan Laurel. Played the New York Palace again in 1951. Retired in 1955 and sold his silk act Al Sharpe. SAM Hall of Fame. Wrote A Rhapsody in Silk (1962, 64pp).

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Ade Duval
A Rhapsody in Silk by Ade Duval

A world famous silk magician designed this beautiful finale to his show. Based on the use of a tube like a Phantom Tube, these clever and subtle methods create a great act. Anyone interested in silk work can make up the act and do it. Many clear sketches, photos, careful explanations teach you how.

  • To Dorny...
  • Prelude
  • Preface
  • How it all began . . .
  • Audience eye view
  • Frightening imitators
  • Scientific loading
  • The gimmicks
  • The box
  • The "suitcase" prop
  • Switching tubes
  • The soup ladles
  • How to load
  • Concealment
  • Count down!
  • Note to reader
  • Author!

1st edition 1962, 64 pages; 1st digital...

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