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Howard Thurston

Howard Thurston

(20th July 1869 - 13th April 1936)

Born in Columbus, Ohio. He became one of the most famous 20th century magicians. Thurston's biggest break was being chosen as "successor" to Harry Kellar, Dean of American Magicians. Thurston weathered the changing tastes and economic conditions of the 1920's into his retirement in the mid-1930's. His commitment to the finest advertising pieces has left a legacy of amazing high-quality posters chronicling his entire career, as well as custom-minted coins, clever dream interpretation books and advertising tie-ins. Thurston also used scaling cards, custom printed playing cards with publicity photos and advertising; he would "scale", or throw, the cards with impressive skill to specific members of the audience, even some in the balcony or at the back of the theater. Of course, these cards would be kept as souvenirs, and some still exist today. See biography, The World's Greatest Magician, by Rev. Bob Olson (1981).

Thurston also identifies himself as the inventor of the Si Stebbins stack in his book on Card Tricks. According to him Si only helped with suggestions and ideas.

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Howard Thurston
The Thurston Magic Box of Candy by Howard Thurston

This is a little gem for collectors. Thurston produced a series of 50 tricks which were distributed in candy boxes. These are all tricks for beginners with largely common objects. They are very well described in a clear format (ghostwritten by Walter B. Gibson). First the title, then a block of illustrations followed by the trick description. That was followed by the sections "What You Need", "How To Do It" and "What To Say". Even a very young magician can follow these instructions and learn some neat tricks:

  1. A Broken Match Restored.
  2. The Fly-Away Coin.
  3. The Magic Knot.
  4. Matches That Walk. ...
★★★★★ $15
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Howard Thurston
Howard Thurston's Card Tricks by Howard Thurston

Thurston explains fundamental sleights such as the Pass, Palm, Force, Change, Back-Palm and his system of expert card manipulation, which appeared for the first time in this book. It also describes a unique gimmick to make the Back-Palm almost effortless.

Thurston also lays claim to what we today call the Si Stebbins stack. He writes that it is his invention but he also thanks Si for his contributions and help.

1st edition, 1903, Henry J. Wehman; 83 pages.

  1. CHAPTER I. A Few Incidents in the Life of Howard Thurston, Premier Card Manipulator of the World
  2. CHAPTER II. Indispensable Sleights
  3. CHAPTER...
★★★★★ $3
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Howard Thurston
200 More Tricks You Can Do by Howard Thurston

This is the sequel to 200 Tricks You Can Do.

published 1927 by George Sully and Company; published 1939 as one volume together with "200 More Tricks You Can Do" as "400 Tricks You Can Do" by Blue Ribbon Books; 186 pages

    1. 1. An Amazing Discovery
    2. 2. Finding a Chosen Card
    3. 3. Maltese Crosses
    4. 4. Mysterious Coincidence
    5. 5. A Card Through the Plate
    6. 6. An Easy Four Ace Trick
    7. 7. The Paddle Trick
    8. 8. Telephone Telepathy
    9. 9. A Mysterious Card Trick
    10. 10. Card and Coin Trick
    11. 11. The Mysterious Joker
    12. 12. Card Changing Under Foot
    13. 13. United Kings and Queens
    14. 14. The Circle of Cards
    15. 15. The Rosette ...
★★★ $3
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Howard Thurston
200 Tricks You Can Do by Howard Thurston

This book shows that Howard Thurston, sometimes refered to as the World's Master Magician, knew a lot about the Close-up side of magic, not just stage magic. He explains tricks with coins, cards, balls, matches, paper, ... There is something for everybody - easy and self-working tricks for the beginner, and more advanced ones for the intermediate skilled performer. Make sure to also check out More Tricks You Can Do

published 1926 by George Sully and Company; published 1939 as one volume together with "200 More Tricks You Can Do" as "400 Tricks You Can Do" by Blue Ribbon Books; 200 pages

  1. Preface
  2. A Brief Biography...
★★★ $3
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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)