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Advanced Card Control Series (8 Volumes)
by Allan Ackerman

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Advanced Card Control Series (8 Volumes) by Allan Ackerman

This is the set of 8 download DVDs at a special low bundle price. It is an encyclopedia of card moves, taught and demonstrated by one of the best card handlers alive - Allan Ackerman. On top of it Ackerman also teaches many wonderful card routines where he applies the moves just taught.

This is not a set of download DVDs you will sit down and watch from start to finish. It is a body of work you will refer to piece by piece. For example, you might be in the process to study an effect that uses a move unfamiliar to you. Then you will turn to this encyclopedia, find the move and learn it from the pro Ackerman. Or you might already have a certain move in your repertoire that you want to polish and improve. Very likely Allan can offer tips and subtleties to help you. Or you might be interested to learn a new control, palm or false shuffle. You will have dozens to choose from.

Allan Ackerman is not the most flamboyant performer and has therefore been sometimes overlooked or disregarded. However, he is one of the best card handlers. And when it comes to moves you will want to learn from him.

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