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Al Aldini

Al Aldini

(Chicago, Illinois: 12th October 1917 - 11th August 1989)

Stage name of Alex Weiner. Learned as kid. Pro. Moved to Southern California in 1945. Managed one of Merv Taylor's Disneyland shops for 7 years in the late 1950s to early 60s and later, other shops including his own. As "Al Aldini" wrote 4 booklets: Rough Stuff (1956, 24pp, with Joe Berg); Roughingly Yours (1969, 48pp), New Concepts in Magic (1970, 37pp), and Novel Concepts with Cards (1970, 46pp).

Coauthors: Joe Berg, B. W. McCarron

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Joe Berg & Al Aldini & B. W. McCarron
Rough Stuff by Joe Berg & Al Aldini & B. W. McCarron

A great ebook for those interested in creating their own mechanical (rough and smooth) trick decks or restoring old ones.

The mechanical decks described in the first part of this ebook were brand new when first published, and represented a value - in today's dollars - of nearly $195 if purchased from a dealer. But that's not all. In this revised and expanded edition, you also get complete instructions for making your own Brainwave and Pop-Eyed Popper decks. While you can buy them ready-made from a dealer, making them yourself allows you to create custom decks, such as with airline or other...

★★★★ $8
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Al Aldini
Magic Sermonettes by Al Aldini

24 routines for Magic Ministers

  1. The Die Box
  2. Twentieth Century Silks
  3. Napkin Magic
  4. Beauty Of Life
  5. Clipp-O
  6. Ball And Tube
  7. Afghan Band
  8. Blendo
  9. Vanishing Handkerchief Wand
  10. Six Bill Repeat
  11. Egg Bag Magic
  12. Color Change Handkerchief
  13. Soft Soap
  14. Siberian Chain Escape
  15. Golf Ball Routine
  16. Anti-Gravity Glasses
  17. Chinese Wands
  18. Silks From Paper
  19. Traveling Blocks
  20. Milk Pitcher Routine
  21. Water Lota
  22. Surprise Chick Pan
  23. "Salt-Go"
  24. Pencil To Silk

1st edition 1962, PDF 36 pages.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)