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Al Koran's Headline Countdown: Special Edition

by Steve Pellegrino

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Al Koran's Headline Countdown: Special Edition by Steve Pellegrino

Al Koran's Headline Countdown is a classic effect in mentalism. First, a spectator holds an envelope containing a prediction. Next, the spectator chooses a number between one and sixteen. Then, the mentalist tears a sheet of newspaper into sixteen pieces.

The pieces are counted down to the number the spectator thought of previously.

The spectator reads the headline on that chosen piece of paper. The prediction in the sealed envelope matches the headline the spectator chose!

This routine has always been spectacular, but some mentalists have stayed away because it involved some calculations in positioning the torn pieces correctly. Steve Pellegrino was one of those mentalists and has developed a system that stays true to Koran's original method but eliminates the calculations.

  • This flexible system gives you several ways to handle the positioning of the pieces.
  • There are no calculations as in the original method.
  • There aren't duplicate papers.
  • There are no switches.
  • There is one handling in which you don't need to know the spectator's number before you begin tearing!
  • Finally - The spectator can change their mind and give you another number.

1st edition 2014, updated 2021, PDF 13 pages.
word count: 2377 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

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