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Your Last Card
by Steve Pellegrino

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Your Last Card by Steve Pellegrino

A lost Michael Skinner mystery, updated by Steve Pellegrino. Included is Michael Skinner's original handling and Steve Pellegrino's additions. Your Last Card is a triple revelation with two different predictions. You can reset it during performance and no sleight-of-hand is required.

You ask a spectator to cut off a small packet of cards, less than half of the deck. You turn away as they do this, so you don't know how much they cut, even an approximate amount. They pocket their cards. You also cut off a small packet of cards for yourself.

Before the presentation with the cards begins, you write a prediction and set it on the table.

Explain that you will deal cards to the table, one at a time. For each card you deal, the spectator also deals one card. If you deal one more card than the spectator, they win.

You deal a card, they deal a card onto a separate pile, and this continues for several cards. Then, finally, you slow down, unsure if the spectator has any cards left. You then state, "You dealt your last card." You then turn over your last card showing a prediction attached to the card, which also states, "You dealt your last card." You're correct.

You remind the spectators that when the volunteer cut his cards, you couldn't see how many were cut. The cards were in their pocket until the spectator dealt them. You ask the spectator how many cards they cut off. They're not sure. You remind them that if they don't know, there's no way you can know. But before anyone dealt cards, you wrote a prediction. The spectator counts the cards, and, for example, they total 11. They turn over the prediction which reads, "You cut to 11 cards!"

1st edition 2024, PDF 6 pages.
word count: 1832 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text